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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ella Margaret Gibson

Ella Margaret Gibson (Arce, Lewis) AKA Patricia "Patsy" Palmer, Ella Margaret "Margie" Arce, Pat Lewis; Ella Margaret was born 14 September 1894 in Colorado

1 Feb 1887: Franklin County, Kansas- Celia Ella Fisher married Elsberry J Gibson, a musician; Celia was born 5 Nov 1860 in Missouri to John Fisher & Maxey Howard (Fisher); Elsberry was born 14 June 1858 Iowa to Milton Gibson & Edna (Ordess) Gibson;
1895: Toledo, Chase, Kansas- Gibson: JE age 28, Carry M. 22, CF 3 (the brother's name was Forrest T. Gibson)
1902: 121 W. Rio Grande, Colorado Springs, CO- Gibson: Elsberry, carpenter & Mrs. Celia Ella
1905: Ottawa, Franklin, KS (Gibson: EJ, Celia E, Forest, Ella M. age 10
Aug 1908: Forrest Gibson married Nellie Kersha, both of Colorado Springs;
7 May 1909: Colorado Springs, CO "Mrs. Ella Gibson & daughter, Margaret, have gone to Los Angeles, California. Miss Margaret will continue her studies in preparation for the stage."
8 Feb 1910: Celia E Gibson & Elsberry J Gibson divorced in El Paso, County, Colorado (book 2 page 52)
1910: Rio Grande Street, Colorado Springs, CO- Gibson: Ella C age 49 divorced (3 children, 2 living), Ella M 15 single b. CO clerk in a store;
1910: Margaret worked as a stage performer in Denver at a vaudeville theatre owned by Pantages.
August 1917: Margaret Gibson was arrested on a charge of lewdness. She was granted bail & scheduled for a trial
1918: Margaret changed her name to Patricia Palmer
1920: 120 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles- Gibson: Ella C. 58 divorced, Ella M 24 single b.CO
1922: LA City Directory- 120 S. Grand (Palmer, Patricia actor) & 142 E. 27th (Gibson, Ella)
November 1923: Margaret Gibson was arraigned on a charge of violating Section 145 of the Federal Criminal Code; case was dismissed;
1923-1929: 2324 N Beechwood, LA, CA (Mrs. Ella Gibson)
1930: Gramercy Place, Los Angeles (Patricia McGuinness 31 married 7 years b. CO & Actress motion pictures living w/ mother Celia E Gibson widowed b. MO;
1930: Ludlow, San Bernardino, CA- Elsberry Gibson age 71 divorced b. IA;
1935: Margaret went to Asia
1936: 603 Orange Ave, Azusa, Los Angeles- Gibson, Elsberry James carpenter
28 Jan 1940: Elsberry Gibson dies in Los Angeles County
1944-1948: 1456 N. Gordon St, Los Angeles- Mrs. Ella M. Arce
1946: Celia Ella Fisher dies in Los Angeles County
1950-1954: 6125 Glen Oak St, Los Angeles- Mrs. Ella M. Arce
21 Oct 1964: Ella Margert Gibson dies in Los Angeles County

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