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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Wings and the Taylors

There was Lester Wing, the former chauffeur. Does anyone know if Lester Wing was his real name or if he was really Chinese?

And then actress Anne Cornwall's 2nd husband Ellis Wing Taylor (1887-1951), who attended Columbia University and graduated from the University of California in construction engineering. was an architect & structural engineer born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles. Ellis' father was Frank Wing Taylor who was the son of Tracy Taylor & Ella M Wing. Frank & his wife Minnie moved to Los Angeles in 1894 and their first home was at 2110 Grand Ave. A year later they bought property at the corner of Adams and Grand. Ellis' oldest sibling Edward Cray Taylor was an architect. His brother Frank "Howard" Taylor was a physician specializing in x-rays. His other siblings included Barbara, a gifted harpist.

Familiar to the Taylor case is the William "Bill" Everett Wing family. Bill was a newspaper & scenario writer. Bill wrote the story for "The Love of Tokiwa" (1914) in which Ulysses Davis directed, Patricia Palmer (aka Margaret Gibson) and William D Taylor starred in. Bill Wing was born in Maine and moved to Los Angeles in 1897 and was working as an oil broker in the 1900 census and by 1910 was a writer for a newspaper. Bill's father was Kimball Winthrop Wing (1837-1908). Bill married Antoinette "Marie" Freeman (1874-1946) and they had 3 daughters:
1.) Mabel Wing (Edson, Fowks) (1896-1984)
2.) Marianne Wing (Dockey) (1903-1971)
3.) Ruth Wing (Taylor, Harrison) (b. 1898) Ruth became involved in the Taylor case by allegedly saying that she was told by some psychics that an assassin hired by a motion picture leader (insinuated it involved Mabel & Mack Sennett) who was a member of an alleged "dope ring" killed Wm D Taylor. Ruth's husband was Theodore Pierre "Ted" Taylor (1896-1963), the publicity agent for Wm D Taylor. Ted was born on 5 Sept 1896 in Oak, IL and his father was accountant Louis "LD" Taylor who departed for Vancouver, British Columbia shortly after Ted's birth. Ted & his mother, Annie Louisa Pierre (Taylor), the daughter of a prominent architect Osborne J. Pierce, joined LD in Vancouver in 1899. A recent biography suggests LD fled Chicago to Vancouver was because of a fraud investigation from a former bank job. In 1906, LD sent Annie, Ted, and son Kenneth O Taylor to live with Annie's parents in Los Angeles. LD was elected Mayor of Vancouver and he served 8 terms as mayor during a 3 decade span of time. In 1920, Ted was a publicity writer for motion pictures. By 1924, Ted was a newspaperman & his brother Kenneth was an editor at the LA Times. LD, who was still in Vancouver serving his lengthy role as a populist mayor, became quite involved in the newspaper business. In 1928, an exhaustive inquiry in Vancouver should that there were associations with well know vice operators in the city and the police department & city hall. Even though LD was cleared of any wrondoing, he is to have said that police resources should be spent on "major crimes" and not "victimless vice crimes".
Passport Ted Taylor June 1925:

A few more Wings:
Daisy Canfield's niece, Faith Whitney married Morgan Wing.
Elbert Wing, son of Dr. Horace Benjamin Wing, married Edith J Taylor, lived in both Los Angeles and Three Rivers in Tulare County, CA. Three Rivers, has quite a few connections to the Taylor Case. . . 


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  2. The only interview I have seen with Lester Wing does indicate that he was Chinese, at

    Also, Charles Higham's book includes an anecdote from George Hopkins' memoir, which states that Lester Wing was Chinese-American. "Wing" is a fairly common Cantonese name.