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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Donald Forbes Osborn(e) & Rose Putnam

Donald Forbes Osborn(e) was born 16 October 1895 in California & d. 16 May 1950 in Los Angeles County, CA, He was an actor with the Triangle Film Motion Picture Company. According to and article found in the LA Times 3 Nov 1923, Lucien Wheeler of the Department of Justice, said that Margaret Gibson/Patricia Palmer was connected with Don Osborne & Rose Putnam, convicted blackmailers who pleaded guilty days before in Cincinnati of extorting $10,000 from John L. Bushnell, Ohio banker.

Donald's Father was William Osborn (b. 30 Oct 1835 in Chenango County, NY). William was considered one of the noteworthy pioneers of Los Angeles. William first ventured to California in 1855 for the gold rush & began working in mines then came to Los Angeles and was involving in freighting. He opened a livery and engaged in the harness makig industury & saddlery. He eventually settled on the corner of Fifth & Hill Streets.

In 1868, William married Miss Rosetta Baldwin, born 10 April 1853 in San Bernardino. The year before her birth, her parents Robert & Rosetta Baldwin crossed the plains and settled in San Bernardino, entering 165 acres in teh stock business, making a specialty of hogs.

William & Rosetta Osborn's children were: Rosetta "Rose" (Mrs. FW) Putnam of Vermont; Maude, who died in infancy; William, who died at age 7; George, a farmer near Riverside; Arthur, and Donald.
Rosetta "Rose" Osborn Putnam (b. 5 March 1869 in California & d. 23 Nov 1952 in Los Angeles County, Ca. Rose's husband was Fred Watson Putnam (b. 24 Jan 1859 NH & d. 9 Jan 1948 in Los Angeles. Fred owned Fred W. Putnam Insurance since 1875. He had a brother name Arthur Putnam. Rose & Fred's' children were: Rose O Putnam (Wilcox), Harry, Philip, & Helen.
Rose O. Putnam Wilcox AKA Cooly, Cooley (b. 2 Oct 1888 CA & d. 8 Aug 1961 Riverside, CA) Rose was sentenced to serve 6 months in a Miami, Ohio jail for attempting to blackmail John Bushnell.
1900: 1345 Valencia, LA, CA- Osborn: Wm M age 65 liveryman, Rosetta M 47 CA, Arthur M. 10 CA, & Donald F. b. 1895 CA)
1900: Brattleboro, Windham, VT- Putnam: Fred age 41 NH Insurance Agent, Rose b. 1869 CA, Rose O. b. Oct 1888 CA, Harry L b. 1889 CA, Philip b. Oct 1896 Vt.
1910: A Street, Forest Grove, Oregon- Osborne: Rosetta M 57 widowed (6 children, 4 living) b. CA; Arthur M 20 CA; Donald F. 15 CA.
1910: Brattleboro,Windham, VT- Putnam: Fred W 50 Inaurance agent; Rose 40, Rose 21, Philip 13, Helen 4 VT
WW1: 1344 S. Flower, LA, CA- Arthur M.Osborn
WW1: 1344 S. Flower, LA, CA- Osborne, Don F.

1920: 525 Hermosa St. Pasadena- Osborn, Arthur M, used carsaleman; Mrs. Louisa M, & Mrs. Rosetta M.
1920: 1122 Peoria ST, LA, CA Osborne, Don F age 25 b. CA
1920: Brattleboro, Windham, VT- Putnam: Fred W age 60 insurance agent; Rose 50, Mary 13; Cooley, Rose Putnam age 30 divorced;
1922: 525 Hermosa St, Pasadena- Osborn: Mrs. Rosetta M & Don F actor
1926: 1062 American Ave, Los Angeles- Putnam: Fred W & Rose O
1930: 603 1/2 Tularosa Dr. Los Angeles- Osborne: Rosetta M 77 widowed & Don F. 35 divorced b. CA Organizer- labor unions
1934: 518 N. Alexandria Dr, Los Angeles: Osborn, Mrs. Rosetta M & Donald
1942-1944: 2848 11th Ave: Osborn, Don F, salesman)


  1. 1922-1923 2575 N Beachwood Drive Don Osborne & Rose Putnam. See "Tinseltown" by William Mann, and

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