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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Marshall "Mickey" Ambrose Neilan

Marshall "Mickey" Ambrose Neilan (b. 11 April 1891 in San Bernardino, CA & d. 27 October 1958 in Los Angeles County, CA) Marshall was a director & "friend" of Wm D. Taylor. It is rumored the Neilan was a possible suspect in Taylor's murder because of his connection to Mary Miles Minter. Neilan has been described as handsome,witty, and arrogant.

Marshall's Mother: Blanche Brown (Neilan) was born in 1870 in Michigan & died 13 September 1929 in Los Angeles County, CA.
Marshall's Father: Michael Neilan was born in 1855 in Canada and died 19 May 1895 in San Bernardino County, CA.

Here is a timeline on the Neilan Family:
1880: When Blanche Brown was 10, her parents John & Francis Brown kept a boarding house in Ludington, Michigan.
1890: Blanche M. Neilan age 30, Marshal age 9, and Francis A. Brown lived in Los Angeles, CA.
About 1902: Marshall left school and became a messenger for the California Fruit Grower's Association; He also became an office boy for the Santa Fe Railroad as well as a blacksmith's helper.
1905: Marshall played bit parts in the Barney Bernard Stock Company in San Francisco with DW Griffith.
About 1908: Marshall became a chauffeur driver for Oliver Morosco.
1909-1910: Marshall was the chauffeur for DW Griffith.
1910: 900 E. Pico Street, LA lived Blanche M. Neilan age 40 & Francis A. Brown and at 1546 N. Andrews Place, LA lived Marshall A. Neilan (hired man & chauffeur for private family (Marshall was living with Isaac M. Peyton age 69)
1911: Marshall worked at Kalem Studios.
1913: Marshall married NY born actress Gertrude Bambrick (Did she idolize Mabel Normand?)
October 1915: Marshall went to work for Selig.
1916: Marshall & Gertrude's son, Marshall Neilan Jr. was born
5 June 1917: In his WW1 Draft Registration, Marshall Ambrose Neilan lived at 1020 W. Pico Street i n Los Angeles.

10 Jan 1920: 1020 W. Pico Street, LA lived Blanche Neilan age 50
1921: Marshall & Gertrude divorced.
1922: In the LA City Directory, Marshall's residence was 248 S. Western Ave & his studio was at 6642 Santa Monica Blvd. His mother, Blanche lived at 853 W. 7th Street in Los Angeles.
In March of 1922: Marshall applied for his 1st passport. He planned a trip to Europe leaving NY on 25 April 1922 for motion pictures & business.
8 June 1922: Marshall married Sarah "Blanche" Sweet.
1929: Marshall & Sarah "Blanche" divorced.
1958: Marshall died of throat cancer at the Motion Picture County Home & Hospital.

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