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Thursday, May 21, 2009

JM Berger, the Tax Accountant

Julia Marjorie Berger was the income tax accountant for William D. Taylor and Mrs. Shelby. She supposedly met with Taylor on the day he was killed preparing his taxes. JM Berger, according to Census records, was born during August 1879 in Illinois and not in 1893 as she claimed multiple times later. Why would she lie about her age? The California death Index (1940 to 1997) has a listing for Marjorie Berger as b. 1 Aug 1898 & d. 5 Jan 1954 in Los Angeles County.

Here is the JM Berger timeline:
10 July 1868: In Quaker City, NY Solomon Epstein (JM's father) was a merchant born in Bohemia.
10 June 1870: Solomon Epstein lived at the Rowling House in Chicago.
4 Apr 1875: Solomon Epstein married Rosa Berger in Chicago.
1879: Solomon Berger worked in a saloon in at 89 Fink St. Chicago.
3 June 1880:, 95 Fink Street,Chicago- Solomon age 52 and a liquor dealer, Rose age 26 (JM's mom), Irene age 4 (JM's sis), and Julia age 1 b. IL
16 Oct 1883: Solomon Epstein died in Chicago at age 52)
1888: Julia Berger Epstein married Charles Berger who was born in Germany and an architect.
8 June 1900: 3314 Forest Ave, Chicago- Charles Berger age 50, Rosa age 44; Epstein, Irene R b. May 1876 and a stenographer & Julia M b. Aug 1879 age 20 and a bookkeeper.
15 June 1909: Charles Berger (JM's stepdad) died in Chicago.
1910: 5106 Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL (Berger, Rose age 46 widowed, Juliet M. age 24 and a bookkeeper for a Building Material Company.
1920: 944 S. New Hampshire, Los Angeles- Rose Berger age 59 widowed and Juliet M. age 27 born in Chicago & income tax specialist with own buisness.
1922: 354 S. Spring, Los Angles- JM Income & Federal Tax Specialist.
1922: residence 1832 1/2 N.Van Ness Ave JM & Mrs. Rosa L. Berger
5 Dec 1922: Marjorie Berger, age 28 b. 1 Aug 1894 in Chicago and single returned to San Francisco from Honolulu on the SS Maui.
31 May 1924: JM's mother Rosa M. Berger died. Along with JM, she left a daughter, Mrs. Samuel Danzinger of Wilmette, Illinois
10 Oct 1929: Eleanor Boardman Vidor (wife of King 1926-1931) testified in J. Marjorie Berger's trial. Eleanor admitted her tax returns for 1925, 1926, and 1927 were being investigated by the government and that she was under indictment
1929 LA City Directory: Berger, J Marjorie. Income Tax Counsellor and Accountant Specializing in Federal Taxation, Suite 701-702-703 Hollywood First National Bldg, 6777 Hollywood Blvd, Phone Gladstone 3057, r Beverly Hills.
6 Nov 1929: In Los Angeles in Federal court a jury deliberated for 10 minutes and Miss J. Marjorie Berger, Hollywood income tax counselor who included moving picture stars among her clients, was convicted of advising a client to falsify a tax return. The conviction rested on 2 counts charging Miss Berger with manipulating the return made by Dorothy Mackaill, a motion picture actress, in 1926. Other counts involving notables in the Hollywood film colony were dropped by the government, but 1 case concerning Tom Mix and Miss Berger has been set for trial 18 Feb 1930. Supposedly JM advised her clients to list deductions for chauffeurs and secretaries who had none.
Was JM 36 or 50 years old in this picture?
7 April 1930: Marjorie Berger, age 35 and single, was at Federal Industrial Institution, Talcott, Summers County, West Virginia (JM Berger was sentenced to a 2 year & 6 month term in Federal prison for a conviction of defrauding the Government by having aidedin the making of a false and fraudulent income-tax return for Dorothy Mackaill. At the time JM went to jail, there were 6 other indictments pending against her which were not set for trial).
1946-1950: Listing for Mrs. J Marjorie Berger at 1044 Tiverton Ave, LA, CA
1952-1954: Listing for Mrs. Marjorie Berger at 140 Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
5 Jan 1954: JM died in Los Angeles County.

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