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Friday, May 8, 2009

Manley Earl Tiffany, the Former Chauffeur

Manley "Earl" Tiffany was the former chauffeur of William D. Taylor. Tiffany and Taylor parted ways in August of 1921 after Taylor's trip to Europe (Tiffany either was fired or quit) possibly due to a connection between Tiffany and Henry F. Sands. Tiffany testified in the Taylor case on 17 Feb 1922, just a week before Tiffany died of pneumonia.

1 March 1922: (AP) Los Angeles. . . "While officers declared the day's developments were encouraging, they suffered one misfortune in the report of the death two days ago from pneumonia of Earl Tiffany, former chauffeur to Taylor, and declared to have been of the upmost importance as a source of information concerning Edward F. Sands, missing former butler-secretary to the film director." Sheboygan Press

Obit in the 27 Feb 1922 LA Times: "TIFFANY, Feb 26, at 124 W. 83rd, Manley E. Tiffany, beloved husband of Mrs. Cathryn Tiffany, son of Mrs. Emma Davis and a brother of Mrs. Nina Tiffany; Funeral services will be held Wednesday March 1 at 1pm from Pierce Brothers Chapel, 810 Flower St."

Some notes about Earl Tiffany:
1895: Union County, Iowa- Manley (age 2 born IA) lived with Emma (mother), Nelitta May (sister)
1900: Union County, Iowa- Manley (age 7 born IA) lived with Emma (divorced, mother) & Nina (sister age 12)
1910: Westminster, Orange, CA- Mother and Step-dad, Lawrence Davis (I'm still looking for Earl & his sister in 1910; their father, Fred, remarried in 1898 and moved to Drammen, Minnesota)
World War 1 Draft Registration: 1115 S. Hill, LA, CA- Manley E. Tiffany b. 10 Aug 1892 in Afton, Iowa; employed as a mechanic for Isaac Milbank of Long Beach; married with a child; tall, slender, brown eyes, black hair.
7 Jan 1920: 111 13th St, Huntington Beach, CA- Mom, Step-dad, & sister
17 Jan 1920: 1302 S. Figueroa, LA, CA- Manley E. Tiffany was 30 years old, born in Iowa, and a unemployed mechanic.
Feb 1921: Earl Tiffany was hired by Taylor to assist Sands at the apartment and to replace Harry Fellows.
July 1921: After Taylor returned from Europe, Earl Tiffany either quit or was fired.
1922: 124 W. 83rd St, LA- Mom, step-dad, and sister

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