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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Father of the Fellows Brothers

Passport photo of Max Behlke
1 November 1921
On 5 November 1921, Max Behlke (the father of Harry & Howard Fellows) intended to leave New York on the Olympic planning to see relatives in Belgium (he had crossed off Germany) and to travel to Switzerland, Holland, Argentina, British Isles, and France. His occupation was that of a barber in Fairbanks, Alaska Territory. He claimed this passport to be his 1st one ever issued.
Some notes about Max's passport:
Passport #: 94863
Name: Max Behlke
Birth date: 14 June 1870 Danzing (Danzig), Germany
Father: August Behlke (born in Germany, deceased before Nov 1921)
Emigration: June 1886 from Antwerp
Residence: Resided in the US for 35 years (from 1886-1921) in Chicago, Montana, and Fairbanks, Alaska.
Naturalization: Boulder, Jefferson County, Montana (no date given but passport verified the naturalization paperwork was seen)
Age: 51
Stature: 5'7"
Forehead: high
Eyes: brown
Nose: prominent
Mouth: medium
Chin: round
Hair: Grey
Complexion: Dark
Face: Oval
Witness as to identification: Cecil H. Clegg, attorney in Fairbanks, testified he knew Max personally for 13 years.
Return: Max Behlke arrived 21 July 1922 in New York, New York on the Resolute from Hamburg, age 52; Passport #94863 Issued 1 Nov 1921; headed to his own home in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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