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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Fellows Brothers

On 8 August 1898, Grace Wilson married Max Behlke in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Max was a barber from Germany who had immigrated to the US in 1886. Max & Grace lived in Evanston, Illinois and had 3 sons: Harry A. born May 1899 IL; George W. born May 1900 IL, and Howard born 12 May 1903 IL. At some point before 1910, Grace & Max divorced. Max ended up barbering in Fairbanks, Alaska and Grace & the boys moved to California. Grace married Illinois born farmer, James Fellows. The three boys changed their last names to Fellows. They were:

1.) Henry "Harry" A. Milton (Behlke) Fellows: (b. 10 April 1899 IL & d. 23 April 1963 CA); Harry was Wm D. Taylor's assistant director at the time of the murder; he was previously Taylor's chauffeur; he was at the scene the morning of the murder; Harry married Lola "Loa" Reynolds (sister of actress Vera Reynolds) and they had a son, Jack B. Fellows born 8 January 1922.
Some notes about Harry:
WW1 draft registration: Lived at 218 N. Kenwood, Glendale, CA with his mother, Grace A. Fellows. Description: Medium height, medium build, brown eyes, blond hair.

1920: Lived at 406 Lake Street, Los Angeles, with wife Loa, brother George W., grandmother, Mary Jane Wilson, and 15 year old cousin, Iris Dean.
1922: Lived at 763 Gramercy Place, Los Angeles and work as an assistant director.
November 1922: Lived at 1032 N. Serrano, Hollywood, with wife Loa.
1923: Lived at 1032 N. Serrano, Los Angeles, and was an assistant director for Lasky Studios.
1930: Lived at 1001 Stanley Avenue, Los Angeles with Loa & Jack B (son) and worked as a real estate salesman for a subdivision company;

2.) George W. (Behlke) Fellows: (b. May 1900 IL)
Some notes about George:
1920: George W. lived with his brother & sister-in-law, Harry & Loa, & his widowed maternal grandmother, Mary Jane Wilson & cousin, Iris Dean.
1923: George W. Fellows, a draftsman for So Cal Edison Company lived with his mother, Grace A. Fellows and brother, Howard,
1930: George W. Fellows, an inmate at Lincoln Heights Jail in Los Angeles.

3.) Howard Oscar (Behlke) Fellows: (b.12 May 1903 IL & d. 13 July 1959 CA); Howard was the chauffeur at the time of Wm D. Taylor's murder; he gave some questionable statements regarding Taylor & the events around the time of the murder. Howard married Thelma Dunlap in 1923(ish).
Some notes about Howard:
8 January 1920: Lived in the Main Barracks of the Naval Training Station on Goat Island in San Francisco, CA. He was enlisted age 17 single born in Illinois; he was a app seaman in the US Navy;
12 January 1920: Was at Vallejo Twp, Solano, CA Naval Hospital on the Main Island. He was listed as a patient, age 17 born in Illinois, App Seaman for the US Navy;
5 January 1921: Howard was discharged from the US Navy as a Seaman 1st Class;
February 1922: Lived at 1622 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA
1929: Howard worked as a chauffeur for CC Cunningham who was a prospector for a mining corporation;
1930: Lived at 3166 32nd Ave, Los Angeles with wife Thelma, Sister-in-laws Irene Dunalp age 17 & Agnes age 15. Howard worked as a recorder for the motion pictures.

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