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Monday, May 11, 2009

The LAPD in 1922

According the the 1922 Los Angeles Phone Directory & the LAPD online, the following notes about the police department were included:
Location of the central station: 318-322 West 1st Street
Police Chief: Charles A. Jones

(Charles A. Jones was chief from 5 Jul 1921 to Jan 3, 1922)

(Jas W Everington was chief 4 Jan 1922 to Apr 21, 1922)

(Louis D Oaks was chief 22 Apr 1922 to 1 Aug 1923)

Captain of Detectives: Charles R Moffat (on Jan 11, David L Adams went from commanding the Central Division to became the Detective Bureau and Moffat was to become the 2nd in command after Adams)

Captains of Police: James McDowell, RS Haupt, David L Adams, RL Heath, WL Spellman (on Jan 11, Spellman was appointed to command Central Division) Charles R Moffat, Herman W Kriege, AW Murray

Police Juvenile Bureau: Lt. HI Nicholson
City Mothers: Mrs. A Gilbert & Mrs. Deane Harris

The LAPD Consisted of:
1 Chief
1 Captain of Detectives
8 Captains
18 Lieutenants
52 Sergeants
49 Detectives
544 Policemen
21 Motorcycle officers
Captain of Chain Gang Guards

On 11 January 1922, Assistant Chief Murray announced the personnel of the new Wilshire Police Division, which was to begin operations on 16 January 1922. Announced was 100 police officers (8 sergeants) assigned to the Wilshire Division under the command of Captain Lee Heath and 2nd in command, Lieutenant Richard Hilf.

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