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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chester Withey

Chester Withey appeared in a movie directed by Wm D. Taylor in 1913 called "The Step Brothers".

In 1900, Chester (age 12) lived in Park City, Utah with his father Chester, a quartz mill miner from Michigan, and mother Mary (Kelso) from Missouri, and his 10 year old sister Margaret.
In 1910, Chester (age 22) was a clerk at a box factory and lived at 624 W. 10th St, Los Angeles with his parents Chester & Mary.
1917: WW1 Draft Registration

On 28 Jan 1920, Chester age 32 and motion picture director and his 28 year old actress wife Virginia (Philley), and his widowed mother Mary lived at 31 Bleeker Ave in Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York. The next listing in the census (neighbors) was Ralph M. Robins. Also in the same town was Ralph's brother, Edward Robins, the guy who married Wm. D Taylor's ex-wife, Ethel.

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  1. Chester Withey, described above, was the grandson of Judge Solomon Lewis Withey, a member of a prominent family of Grand Rapids, Kent Co. Michigan. This family is written about in several Kent County histories.

    In 1937 appeared a brief article in the New York Times noted that Chet Withey had been critically injured when he stepped in front of an automobile from behind a Trolley while in Santa Monica, California. At that time his wife was living in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    He died in 1939, in his early fifties. I don't know if it was a result of injuries from the auto accident.