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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ethel Daisy Deane Tanner's Interrogatory Verification

On page 6, the last page of the Interrogatory (Request for further information) Paperwork for Ethel Daisy Deane Tanner regarding Wm D Taylor's estate and in order to prove she was Taylor's heir she had to answer several questions. For #10 she had to give the names and addresses of two or more persons who could verify the previous statements she made in the Interrogatory. She signed the paperwork on 1 May 1922 while in the village of Mamaroneck, NY and she listed:
1.) Mrs. Ethel K Freeman- Shippins Point, Stamford, CT
2) Miss Marion Graham-1111 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA

This is where the research gets very interesting. According to the following articles, Marion Graham was questioned by police but was never publicly considered her a suspect in Taylor's murder.

26 Feb 1922: LA Times "Trace Taylor Death Wire- Detectives Question Woman who Announced Murder of Film Director by Telegram" . . . Deputy Sheriffs Fox and Nolan said last night that they had located and questioned this woman who was the one that sent a telegram giving the fact that Taylor was dead only a few hours after the slain director's body was found. The facts about the telegram made public by the officers yesterday were as follows. 2 February at 10:08am, a little more that two hours after Henry Peavey found his body. . . The following telegram was filed in a Hollywood telegraph office.
"Mrs. George A Freeman, Shippins Point, Stamford, CT. Pete Tanner fatally shot behind right ear in his apartment this morning. Ask Ethel Daisy if I can do anything. Should I send flowers in Daisy's name. Consternation among movie colony. No details available yet. Signed "MARION"
The deputies located the sender of the telegram at the Lasky Studios, in conversation with an official of that organization. In the presence of this official the woman, who gave the name of Marion Graham, advertising manager for a Hollywood publication, denied she ever made a statement that she knew Taylor's real name and something from his past.
The officers the day of the director's funeral questioned Mrs. Graham again. At this time she admitted she made such a remark and that she sent the telegram. She said she knew Taylor under the name of Tanner when Ethel, his daughter, was a year old. The Tanners lived near some friends of Mrs. Graham at Larchmont, near the yacht club there in NY. She said she knew of Tanner's disappearance and later when she met him in Hollywood she recognized the man and told him who he was. Taylor at first denied his identity but later admitted it, she said. It was then that she communicated with the family.
The following is in an article dated 27 Feb 1922 in the LA Times "Explains Mystery of that 'Wire'" (exclusive dispatch) from Stamford, CT on Feb 26. "Miss Marion Graham of New York, questioned by the Los Angeles police in their effort to solve the mystery of the murder of William Desmond Taylor. Knew Taylor when he lived in New York under the name of Tanner. She was drawn into the case through a telegram sent East almost immediately after the director was found dead. It read.
"Pete Tanner has been killed. Shot in the back. Great commotion here."
The telegram was address to a woman friend of Miss Graham who lives on Long Island Sound, near Stamford. Today this woman told why Miss Graham sent the message.
"Miss Graham and I both new Mr. and Mrs. Tanner (the latter is now Mrs ELC Robbins of Mamaroneck, NY) when they lived in New York. At the time Mr. Tanner was a member of a yacht club here and we moved in the same circles.
"Miss Graham and her mother board in New York City. Early in the fall she went to California for the winter. Five days before Taylor was killed Miss Graham called on him at the Lasky studios where he was directing a picture. It was a casual call, made only to renew an old acquaintance.
"When Mr. Taylor was murdered Miss Graham wanted to communicate the news to his former wife, the present Mrs. Robins, but did not know her address. She knows I am a friend of Mrs. Robins, so she sent the telegram to me, knowing I could telephone the news to Mrs. Robins, which I did. "Miss Graham used the name 'Pete' because Tanner was so known to his friends here in the old days."

Marion Graham was born on 25 April 1887 in New York City. She was the daughter of J Franklin & Josephine Graham.
1880: 455 W 43rd, Manhattan, NY- Graham: Franklin (age 28 b. NY Ribbon Manufacturer); Josephine (age 26 b. NY); Franklin (son b. May 1880 NY)
25 April 1887:1 W 119th St, NYC- Marion's place of birth
1880-1922: Still searching for Marion. . .
23 August 1922: Marion applied for a passport. She listed her address at 1111 Pine Street, San Francisco.

Ethel Hayward Knapp (Freeman) was born in September 1877 to Charles H & Minna Knapp. She married George Albree Freeman. George graduated from MIT in 1877.1880: West 25th St, NY- Freeman: George (age 55 b. MA, banker); Kate (age 50 b. MA); George A (age 25 b. NY)
1886: George A Freeman married Beatrice Paulding in NY
1900: 1103 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA: Knapp: Charles E (age 47 b. NY, Mine dealer); Minna (age 47 b. NY); Ethel H (b. Sept 1877 NY, Clerk- Mine dealer); Marie S (b. Dec 1884 CA); Charles E Jr. (age 14 b. CA)
1900: 126 E 22nd, Manhattan, NY- Freeman: George A (b. May 1859 NY Architect); Beatrice P (b. March 1859 no children)
1905: George A's wife, Beatrice Paulding Freeman died at Garden City.
5 Nov 1908: Miss Ethel Haywood Knapp married George Albree Freeman at St. Stephen's Church on West 69th Street.
12 April 1910: 113th, Manhattan, NY (Knapp, Charles E (age 57 Mine Manager); Minna A (age 56); Marie S (age 25)
20 April 1910: 135 E. 71st St, Manhattan, NY- Freeman: George A (age 52 architect); Ethel H (age 32);
1920: Stamford, CT- Freeman: George A (age 61 Building architect); Ethel H (age 42); Albree (daughter age 7 b. NY); Knapp: Minnie H (mother-in-law age 65 widowed)
1 May 1922: Shippins Point, Stamford, CT- Mrs. Ethel Freeman
1930: Sarasota, Florida- Freeman: George A (age 70 Architect); Ethel H (age 50 NY)
1934: George A Freeman died in Sarasota, FL.

Paul Mahlon Powell

On Tuesday January 31, 1922 Wm D. Taylor was at Mr. Lowe for the upcoming film "The Ordeal" where Higham (p19) said Taylor had undertaken an hour-long, snow swept streetcar ride up the mountain in order to scout locations for the film. On Wednesday February 1, 1922 Taylor went to the Lasky studio and saw Barrett Kiesling, the publicity director, and the talked about Taylor's upcoming film "The Ordeal". Taylor left the studio at 4:30pm. Filming for the movie "The Ordeal" was to begin on Monday February 6, 1922.

This movie was W Somerset Maugham's first original story for the screen. Paul M Powell assumed the director role for the movie.

Paul Mahlon Powell was born on 6 September 1881 in Peoria, Illinois to Charles & Anna C Von Schoenheider Powell.
1900: Peoria, IL- Powell: Charles H (age 46 married 19 yrs b. IL editor of newspaper); Anna C (wife age 40 had 7 children & all still living b. NY parents born in Germany); Paul MF (son b. Sept 1881 IL newspaper reporter): Anna L (daughter age 15); Barbara F (daughter age 13); Charles HB (son age 10); Margaret R (daughter age 7); William R (son age 3); Harold F (son age 9 months);
1903: Paul Powell married Valerie McDonald (b.30 Aug 1876 Peoria, IL & d. 1 Dec 1949 Pasadena, CA)
Abt 1904: Paul was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and broke a story on the business practices of gangsters in Chicago. After the story came out, Paul was put into hiding for a month and soon left Chicago for the safety of Pasadena.
Abt 1905: Paul became a reporter for the Los Angeles Express.
16 Jan 1907: Daughter Janice was born in Pasadena.
1910:1955 Milan Ave, Los Angeles- Powell: Paul M (age 28 m6 years Newspaper Reporter); Valarie (wife age 28 born in IL & parents were born in Ireland); Janice M (daughter age 3 b. CA & parents were born in Illinois); Anna C (age 50 widowed); Anna L (age 25 hair dresser); Charles S (age 20 solicitor for newspaper); Marguerite R (age 17); Wm R (age 13); (Harold L 10) 1910: Paul quit his job at the LA Express and looked for work in the film industry.
1911: Paul became assistant to Wilbert Melville at Lubin Company.
1914: DW Griffith hired Paul as the director general for the Mutual Film Corporation.
1915: Paul made nine films starring Dorothy Gish.
1916: Paul was asked to be one of the directors at Griffith's Triangle-Fine Arts Film Corporation.
1920: 1957 Leman St, Pasadena, CA- Powell: Paul (age 39 director of moving pictures);Valerie (age 38);Janice(age 13)
1920: Lasky hired Paul by Famous-Players Lasky and Lasky sent Paul and his family to London to establish a British division of the studio. It has been said that Lasky ordered Powell to return home because Paul had been spending too much money on films. Paul's daughter Janice was quoted as saying that her father never saved the studio's any money but rather he spent it whenever he had the chance.

July 1921: Paul Powell and Mary O'Connor were on location in England while Wm D Taylor was also there.
Aug 1921: 1957 Leman St, Pasadena, CA- Powell: Paul M, Valerie,and Janice when they returned home from Europe.
24 Aug 1921: Paul Powell, director with Famous Players-Lasky British Corporation, gave an interview to the LA Times saying that he was in favor of Hollywood and that Europe scenery could be reproduced better in the US than the original of Europe ("Films. Boost Hollywood. Director says Europe has too many handicaps").
1929 Voter Registration: 1955 Milan Ave, Pasadena- Powell, Paul (director); Mrs. Valerie (housewife); Miss Janice (actress)
2 July 1944: Paul Powell died in Pasadena

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bateman - Cleveland Marriage Record

In 1909/1910, Wm D Taylor was in an acting company which also included George A. Cleveland and Victory Bateman (Rocky Mountain News 1 May 1910). A week after Taylor's death, George Cleveland told the same newspaper that Taylor was the best man at his wedding to Victory Bateman in Washington State in 1909.
Here is a copy of the marriage record filed in Washington State and on Line 28 No. 1 WD Taylor is listed as a witness. The wedding was 4 February 1910 in Bellingham, Washington.
George Alan Cleveland was born on 17 September 1885 in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. He was the son of Frederick H and Laviniet "Vina" McKay Cleveland.
1881: North, Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia- Cleveland: Fredrick (English origin) age 25 b. New Brunswick, telephone operator, Baptist religion; Laviniet (Scottish origin) age 22 b. Nova Scotia, Presbyterian religion.
1899: San Francisco- George's career started when he traveled all over the world as a vaudeville entertainer & appeared in numerous Broadway plays.
30 Sept 1918: George's WW1 Registration for Canada. The first page is a bit difficult to read
1. What is your surname? Cleveland
2. What are your Christian names? George Alan
3. What is your present address? Wilkes Theatre in Seattle, Washington
4. Township of birth: Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
5. Next of Kin? Mrs. Victory Cleveland
6. Relationship of next-of-kin? Wife
7. Date of birth? 17 Sept 1883
8. Trade or Calling? Machinist
9. Married? Yes
10. Willing to be vaccinated? Yes
11. Belong to the Active Militia? No
12. Ever served in the Military? No
13. Do you understand the nature & terms of our engagement? Yes
14. Willing to go overseas? Yes
15. Ever offered to serve in any Branch of His Magesty's Forces & been rejected? Yes
16. What is the reason? Heart, Piles, and Teeth

1954: George married Dorothy and they lived at Mission Bay, San Diego.
1954-1957: George played George "Gramps" Miller on the tv series "Lassie".
15 July 1957: George died in Burbank, California of a heart attack.
Victory Bateman in 1919
Victory Cruse (aka Bateman) was born on 6 April 1865 in Philadelphia to actors Thomas and Elizabeth Perry Crease.
1870: Philadelphia, PA- Crease: Thomas (age 30), Elizabeth (age 28) and Victory (age 5)
1880: 215 S 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA (Bradshaw, AR (age 33 Treasurer for theatre); Bradshaw, Fanny (wife of AR); Crease Lizzie (age 33 born in Ireland & an actress); Crease, Victory (age 15 born in PA & listed her parents being born in Ireland)
Aug 1893: Elizabeth Crease was referred to as Mrs. Burke of 152 West 91st Street, New York
5 Sept 1893: Victory left for Chicago to join Rose Coghlan's Company.
Before December 1893: Victory married Wilfred Clarke, a son of actor John Sleeper Clarke (John married Asia Booth who was the sister of John Wilkes Booth) and secured a separted from him before 1898.
1894ish: Victory claimed she spent a year in London.
1899ish: Victory was the leading woman in Hopkin's Imperial Theatre in St. Louis.
1900: Victory announced her intended marriage to Henry Mestayer, the son of Charles Mestayer of the well known theatrical family.
3 June 1905: Henry "Harry" Mestayer of the Majestic & Liberty stock Company, was granted a divorce by Judge Troutt on the grounds of intemperance and extreme cruelty. He claimed Vicotry was addicted to drink. Victory presented no defense.
4 Feb 1910: Victory married George Cleveland in Bellingham, Washington.
28 June 1919: Victory Bateman's application for a passport.

1922 Voter Registration: 420 W 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA- Bateman, Victory (actress)
March 3, 1926: Victory Bateman died in Los Angeles
by Victory Bateman
Life is so full of laughter,
Of joy and sorrow and tears-
Of meetings and partings- that after
All, a play it appears-
Tragedy- comedy- pathos,
Entrances, exits, and strife;
Charity, sentiment, pathos,
Shifting scenes- quick curtain- life. 

Assistant US Attorney Thomas F. Green

In Ed C King's recap of the Taylor case "I Know Who Killed Desmond Taylor", King claimed that Taylor had been fighting a narcotic ring. Some support for that claim came when Assistant US Attorney Tom F Green himself made various statements to Hearst newspapers indicating that Wm Taylor had appealed to him for help in 1920 to fight a 'dope ring' which was supplying narcotics to a certain actress (i.e. Mabel Normand). The interviews were given after the death of Wm D Taylor so Green's statements could be disputed.
Thomas F. Green was born in October 1869 in Colorado. His parents were Frank (b.1833) & Maggie Green (b.1840).
1880: Sterling, Kansas- Green: Frank (age 47), Maggie (age 40), Charles A (age 12), Thomas F (age 11), Mattie A (age 8 months)
Bet 1883-1886: Carrie (Green) (b. 1 Jan 1874 Ireland & d. 11 July 1968 LA County, CA) arrived from Ireland and married Thomas Green prior to 1900.
1900: Purcell, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory- Green: Thomas (age 30) Clerk for the US Court; Carrie (age 27).
Before 1920: Thomas Green worked as a bank teller in Los Angeles while studying law; became secretary to US District Judge Bledsoe; clerk in the US Court; then US Attorney;
1920: 15 Paloma Ave, Venice, CA- Green: Thomas F (age 49) Government Attorney; Carrie C (age 46), Immigrated in 1883 & naturalized in 1892.
1921 LA directory: Venice, Green: Thomas F, Assistant US Attorney.
1922: Thomas Green had his first stroke.
1923: Thomas Green had his second stroke
4 Dec 1824: Thomas F. Green, (allegedly) committed suicide in his office in the Bank of Italy Building at the corner of Temple & Spring Streets. The LA Times ("Ex-Prosecutor Takes Own Life" December 5) reported that Green had been brooding for many months over his crippled physical condition caused by two paralytic strokes and he feared he might become a burden to his wife & that he preferred to die. His "friends" also told the newspaper that he had $2.50 in his bank account. Green left 2 notes- one to his wife and the other to attorney Claude I Parker. The article also referred to several men: WW Bixby (partner); CC Samuels (friend); Wm Truesdell (last client); AO Kriete (Federal tax attorney); Albert "Al" Sittel (US Marshal & close friend); Atty JR O'Connor (Green served under him); US Atty Burke (Green served under him); US District Judge Bledsoe (close friend); US Clerk Williams (close friend); Ivon D Parker (intimate friend);
1930: 945 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles- Carrie Green (widowed age 57) was working as a companion;

Speculation: There is little evidence (except for Ed C King's recap & Green's own statements to Hearst reporters) to support the claim that Green was primarily fighting just a "narcotic ring". This researcher wonders where Green's investigations had taken him over those few years. Perhaps Green's hunt included a state-wide booze ring like the one Judge Bledsoe was trying to bust (Dec 1921 investigation included former & present prohibition enforcement officials). Or perhaps Green was working with the IRS (many of his close friends were tax attorneys) and his investigating had something to do with taxes (remember JM Berger went to Federal Prison for tax issues).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Captain W. A. Robertson

Captain W. A. Robertson was one of the most difficult genealogical finds. Mostly because he was only referred to by his two first initials and that he lived at one time at the LA Athletic Club and was a good friend of Wm Taylor.
Captain William Ardis Robertson (b. 18 March 1887 Calhoun, Georgia & d. 13 October 1942 Tulare County, CA). He was the son of realtor Matthew and Margaret Ardis Robertson.
1900: 1210 Westlake Ave, Los Angeles- Ardis was living with his parents.
1910: 1027 Burlington Ave, Los Angeles- Ardis W age 23 single & an attorney
27 May 1917: 2316 W 10th Los Angeles- Robertson, Wm Ardis b. 18 March 1887 Calhoun, GA

7 Jan 1920: 2316 W. 1oth, Los Angeles- Wm Ardis was still single, a lawyer, and living with his parents.
1922 LA City Directory: 202 S. Van Ness- WA Robertson was an attorney
1923-1924: 202 Van Ness, Los Angeles- Robertson, Mr. Matthew S. & Captain Wm Ardis Robertson.
1926: 431 W 7th St, Los Angeles- Robertson, Ardis- attorney & Matt S- real estate
1928: 407 S Kenmore Ave, Los Angeles- Ardis Robertson, lawyer & Mrs. Patricia, housewife)
1929: 431 W 7th, Los Angeles- Robertson, Wm A, lawyer @ 610 S Broadway Room 313 & Math S Robertson, real estate
1930: 431 W 7th, Los Angeles- Robertson, Matthew real estate
12 April 1930: 328 S Camden, Beverly Hills- Robertson, Ardis 43 married for 2 years b. GA Attorney & Velma P (wife) age 28 b. Arkansas

Payne Dancing Academy

On Wednesday February 1, 1922 William D. Taylor left on foot for a dance lesson at the Payne Dancing Academy at 2018 Orange Street at 5:00pm. Between 5:00pm and 6:00pm he had a dancing lesson from his regular teacher, Mrs. Lenore Waybright. After the lesson, Taylor walked home.

Background: The Payne Academy was located at the corner of Orange and Alvarado Streets. It's important to note that this section of Orange Street bordering Westlake Park (now McArthur Park) was renamed Wilshire in the 1930s. The Payne Academy started in 1913 at 2018 Orange St. by Lillian Payne and was 1/4 mile from Wm Taylor's apartment. An interesting find was that Frank L Shaffer (who was living at 410B S. Alvarado in 1922) made an arrangement with Henry Laub in April 1920 for a 50 year lease of the property at the SE corner of Alvarado and Orange Street (126 ft on Alvarado & 176 ft on Orange) where Shaffer planned to build a 4 story building. There were rumors that the lease included the Payne Academy but Lillian Payne adamantly said her building wasn't included in the planned lease.
The Owner: Lillian M Gaubatz (Payne, Casaretto, Campbell, Truitt) (b. 28 April 1886 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin & d. 16 Jan 1975 Los Angeles County, CA). Lillian was 5'5" in stature with brown eyes and brown hair. She had an olive complexion with a strait mouth and a round chin. Lillian married Leroy Payne and had one daughter Lenore Payne (b. 2 August 1908 Los Angeles County, CA). On August 13, 1923 Lillian married Louis Casaretto (b. Turkey). Lillian Payne Casaretto & her daughter Lenore Payne in 1923

The Instructor: Wm Taylor's regular teacher was Lenore I. Whitmore Waybright (b. 28 June 1882 Minnesota & d. 25 Jan 1963 Orange Co, CA).
1882: Lenore was the daughter of Canadian born John R Whitmore & his wife, Mary.
1900: Santa Cruz, CA- Lenore "Lottie" age 18 was living with her parents & older sister Olivia.
1906: Lenore married salesman/realtor John Samuel Waybright (b. 4 Sept 1871 VA & d. 23 Oct 1957 Orange Co, CA)
1910: 1293 35th St, Los Angeles- Lenore was living with her husband John, a real estate broker.
1915 LA City Directory: 2826 1/2 W 9th- John was a manager at the American Bank Building
9 Jan 1920: 2737 1st St, Los Angeles- Lenore was living with her husband John, a salesman, and her widowed mother, Mary.
1922-1926: 2521 1/2 W 3rd St, Los Angeles- Lenore was living with her husband John, a real estate broker

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Donald Forbes Osborn(e) & Rose Putnam

Donald Forbes Osborn(e) was born 16 October 1895 in California & d. 16 May 1950 in Los Angeles County, CA, He was an actor with the Triangle Film Motion Picture Company. According to and article found in the LA Times 3 Nov 1923, Lucien Wheeler of the Department of Justice, said that Margaret Gibson/Patricia Palmer was connected with Don Osborne & Rose Putnam, convicted blackmailers who pleaded guilty days before in Cincinnati of extorting $10,000 from John L. Bushnell, Ohio banker.

Donald's Father was William Osborn (b. 30 Oct 1835 in Chenango County, NY). William was considered one of the noteworthy pioneers of Los Angeles. William first ventured to California in 1855 for the gold rush & began working in mines then came to Los Angeles and was involving in freighting. He opened a livery and engaged in the harness makig industury & saddlery. He eventually settled on the corner of Fifth & Hill Streets.

In 1868, William married Miss Rosetta Baldwin, born 10 April 1853 in San Bernardino. The year before her birth, her parents Robert & Rosetta Baldwin crossed the plains and settled in San Bernardino, entering 165 acres in teh stock business, making a specialty of hogs.

William & Rosetta Osborn's children were: Rosetta "Rose" (Mrs. FW) Putnam of Vermont; Maude, who died in infancy; William, who died at age 7; George, a farmer near Riverside; Arthur, and Donald.
Rosetta "Rose" Osborn Putnam (b. 5 March 1869 in California & d. 23 Nov 1952 in Los Angeles County, Ca. Rose's husband was Fred Watson Putnam (b. 24 Jan 1859 NH & d. 9 Jan 1948 in Los Angeles. Fred owned Fred W. Putnam Insurance since 1875. He had a brother name Arthur Putnam. Rose & Fred's' children were: Rose O Putnam (Wilcox), Harry, Philip, & Helen.
Rose O. Putnam Wilcox AKA Cooly, Cooley (b. 2 Oct 1888 CA & d. 8 Aug 1961 Riverside, CA) Rose was sentenced to serve 6 months in a Miami, Ohio jail for attempting to blackmail John Bushnell.
1900: 1345 Valencia, LA, CA- Osborn: Wm M age 65 liveryman, Rosetta M 47 CA, Arthur M. 10 CA, & Donald F. b. 1895 CA)
1900: Brattleboro, Windham, VT- Putnam: Fred age 41 NH Insurance Agent, Rose b. 1869 CA, Rose O. b. Oct 1888 CA, Harry L b. 1889 CA, Philip b. Oct 1896 Vt.
1910: A Street, Forest Grove, Oregon- Osborne: Rosetta M 57 widowed (6 children, 4 living) b. CA; Arthur M 20 CA; Donald F. 15 CA.
1910: Brattleboro,Windham, VT- Putnam: Fred W 50 Inaurance agent; Rose 40, Rose 21, Philip 13, Helen 4 VT
WW1: 1344 S. Flower, LA, CA- Arthur M.Osborn
WW1: 1344 S. Flower, LA, CA- Osborne, Don F.

1920: 525 Hermosa St. Pasadena- Osborn, Arthur M, used carsaleman; Mrs. Louisa M, & Mrs. Rosetta M.
1920: 1122 Peoria ST, LA, CA Osborne, Don F age 25 b. CA
1920: Brattleboro, Windham, VT- Putnam: Fred W age 60 insurance agent; Rose 50, Mary 13; Cooley, Rose Putnam age 30 divorced;
1922: 525 Hermosa St, Pasadena- Osborn: Mrs. Rosetta M & Don F actor
1926: 1062 American Ave, Los Angeles- Putnam: Fred W & Rose O
1930: 603 1/2 Tularosa Dr. Los Angeles- Osborne: Rosetta M 77 widowed & Don F. 35 divorced b. CA Organizer- labor unions
1934: 518 N. Alexandria Dr, Los Angeles: Osborn, Mrs. Rosetta M & Donald
1942-1944: 2848 11th Ave: Osborn, Don F, salesman)