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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bateman - Cleveland Marriage Record

In 1909/1910, Wm D Taylor was in an acting company which also included George A. Cleveland and Victory Bateman (Rocky Mountain News 1 May 1910). A week after Taylor's death, George Cleveland told the same newspaper that Taylor was the best man at his wedding to Victory Bateman in Washington State in 1909.
Here is a copy of the marriage record filed in Washington State and on Line 28 No. 1 WD Taylor is listed as a witness. The wedding was 4 February 1910 in Bellingham, Washington.
George Alan Cleveland was born on 17 September 1885 in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. He was the son of Frederick H and Laviniet "Vina" McKay Cleveland.
1881: North, Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia- Cleveland: Fredrick (English origin) age 25 b. New Brunswick, telephone operator, Baptist religion; Laviniet (Scottish origin) age 22 b. Nova Scotia, Presbyterian religion.
1899: San Francisco- George's career started when he traveled all over the world as a vaudeville entertainer & appeared in numerous Broadway plays.
30 Sept 1918: George's WW1 Registration for Canada. The first page is a bit difficult to read
1. What is your surname? Cleveland
2. What are your Christian names? George Alan
3. What is your present address? Wilkes Theatre in Seattle, Washington
4. Township of birth: Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
5. Next of Kin? Mrs. Victory Cleveland
6. Relationship of next-of-kin? Wife
7. Date of birth? 17 Sept 1883
8. Trade or Calling? Machinist
9. Married? Yes
10. Willing to be vaccinated? Yes
11. Belong to the Active Militia? No
12. Ever served in the Military? No
13. Do you understand the nature & terms of our engagement? Yes
14. Willing to go overseas? Yes
15. Ever offered to serve in any Branch of His Magesty's Forces & been rejected? Yes
16. What is the reason? Heart, Piles, and Teeth

1954: George married Dorothy and they lived at Mission Bay, San Diego.
1954-1957: George played George "Gramps" Miller on the tv series "Lassie".
15 July 1957: George died in Burbank, California of a heart attack.
Victory Bateman in 1919
Victory Cruse (aka Bateman) was born on 6 April 1865 in Philadelphia to actors Thomas and Elizabeth Perry Crease.
1870: Philadelphia, PA- Crease: Thomas (age 30), Elizabeth (age 28) and Victory (age 5)
1880: 215 S 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA (Bradshaw, AR (age 33 Treasurer for theatre); Bradshaw, Fanny (wife of AR); Crease Lizzie (age 33 born in Ireland & an actress); Crease, Victory (age 15 born in PA & listed her parents being born in Ireland)
Aug 1893: Elizabeth Crease was referred to as Mrs. Burke of 152 West 91st Street, New York
5 Sept 1893: Victory left for Chicago to join Rose Coghlan's Company.
Before December 1893: Victory married Wilfred Clarke, a son of actor John Sleeper Clarke (John married Asia Booth who was the sister of John Wilkes Booth) and secured a separted from him before 1898.
1894ish: Victory claimed she spent a year in London.
1899ish: Victory was the leading woman in Hopkin's Imperial Theatre in St. Louis.
1900: Victory announced her intended marriage to Henry Mestayer, the son of Charles Mestayer of the well known theatrical family.
3 June 1905: Henry "Harry" Mestayer of the Majestic & Liberty stock Company, was granted a divorce by Judge Troutt on the grounds of intemperance and extreme cruelty. He claimed Vicotry was addicted to drink. Victory presented no defense.
4 Feb 1910: Victory married George Cleveland in Bellingham, Washington.
28 June 1919: Victory Bateman's application for a passport.

1922 Voter Registration: 420 W 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA- Bateman, Victory (actress)
March 3, 1926: Victory Bateman died in Los Angeles
by Victory Bateman
Life is so full of laughter,
Of joy and sorrow and tears-
Of meetings and partings- that after
All, a play it appears-
Tragedy- comedy- pathos,
Entrances, exits, and strife;
Charity, sentiment, pathos,
Shifting scenes- quick curtain- life. 


  1. Thanks for that fascinating document. Victory Bateman sure fibbed about her age there, which is obvious to anyone who knows that she was named Victory because the Civil War had just ended. I wonder how long the marriage lasted? (As a kid, I used to watch George Cleveland as "Gramps" on the Lassie TV show).

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