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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Regarding King Vidor

Charles L ”King Wallis” Vidor (b. 8 Feb 1894 Galveston, TX & d. 1 Nov 1982 San Luis Obispo, CA)
King Vidor was and acclaimed Hungarian-American film director, whose career spanned 8 decades; His father, Charles Vidor was a lumber producer & merchant with the Miller-Vidor Company; King Vidor's wife was Florence Arto (b. 23 July 1895 Houston, TX & d. 3 Nov 1977 Pacific Palisades). King Vidor & Florence were childhood sweethearts. They married in 1915 & divorced in 1924. Florence was the daughter of JP Arto, a successful real estate agent & developer. This gets interesting:
Florence's half-brother, George Franklin Arto (AKA Henry Britt, Frank Brett, Edward F. Arto). George Arto has served (10 June 1917 enlisted) as a corporal in the US Marine Corps in WW1. According to accounts, George Arto (motion picture writer, accountant), on the evening of the murder, started to walk from his home at 220 South Bonnie Brae Street. George claimed to have seen Peavey talking to someone on the night of the murder. He was either going to the home of some relatives or to visit a young lady near the Taylor apartment. There were some further accounts of what Arto witnesses. More later.

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