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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Alvarado Neighbors: 412 A

Mary Cressy Fuller Stone was a witness the night of the murder. According to her, she was babysitting for her daughter at 412 A for the evening. When she was on her way to her's daughter's house to babysit, she saw a stranger standing at the corner, apparently waiting for a streetcar. He didn't board the streetcar and she became frightened. Mrs. Stone waited at the lighted corner before she crossed the street & watched as the man turned on Alvarado & into Maryland, walking toward her daughter's place. When she was putting her granddaughter (Lynette Thompson, age 9) to bed, she heard what sounded like a pistol shot. After she put the little one to bed, she looked down into the courtyard & saw a weird pattern of light and shadows. Apparently, she wasn't interviewed by the police.
Mary Cressy Fuller Stone was the 1st wife of Elmer Stone. Elmer, a physician & surgeon, was formerly the medical superintendant for the California State Hospital for the Insane in Napa. Elmer & Mary had two children, Cressy Lynette & Elmer E. Stone Jr.
Mary & Elmer divorced & he married Bertie Elsie Estes Joy. Elsie had a son, Melvin M. Joy who left Walla Walla, Washington & went with her to Los Angeles.
Elmer & Mary's daughter, Cressy Stone married Arthur W. Watcher, who claimed to have seen Mabel & Wm D Taylor together on the night before the murder. Arthur's father was the president of the Empire Construction Company & a long time resident of Los Angeles.

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