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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Alvarado Neighbors: 406 B

In 406 B lived Douglas MacLean and his wife, Faith Cole McLean, shared a common wall in a duplex with Emile, Olive, and daughter Estelle Jessurun in the 406 Building. The MacLean’s lived on the left and the Jessurun’s on the right.
When the MacLean’s moved from the left side of the duplex to the right, they replaced a widow and her daughter, Caroline Wheat Gary and her daughter, Ava Grace. Caroline and Ava moved to Monrovia (near Pasadena) before William Taylor’s murder. Caroline’s daughter, Dora “Bernice” Gary married attorney Alfred Barstow, and their daughter, Mary Rhodes Barstow married Norman Rockwell.
Charles Douglas MacLean was born 10 Jan 1890 in Philadelphia to renowned Methodist preacher Charles Clothier MacLean and his wife Ada Manderson. Douglas was educated in Illinois and New York, having graduated from Union College and married Faith Cole, the only daughter of lawyer and former NY Speaker of the Assembly, Fremont Cole, on 8 Apr 1914 at the Cole mansion in Little Neck, Long Island, New York. Douglas’ father performed the ceremony. Douglas and Faith were fellow students at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and both were quite taken with golfing.
Douglas, with his slender build and brown hair and eyes, took to acting, especially as a comedian and later as a motion picture producer, even with his own production company. Douglas and Faith lived in Alvarado Court as early as 1920 while Douglas’ parents moved just 4 miles away from him. In 1922, while he was still acting for Thomas H Ince Productions, Bogart Rogers was his business manager. Bogart was the brother of Adela Rogers St. Johns and the son of famed lawyer, Earl Rogers. Over the next several years, Douglas moved to producing, still employing Bogart as his secretary and treasurer.
The MacLeans divorced in 1930 and both remarried the following year. Faith married Lieutenant Joseph E Moody, a decorated Marine, in Shanghai. Joseph’s brother, Frederick S Moody married a poetry loving actress and sensational tennis star, Helen Willis.
Faith had a maid who was working for her during the evening of the murder named Christine Jewett. Christine’s husband, Raymond Jewett was a taxidermist and furrier who owned a fine fur business at the corner of Pico and Alvarado.

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