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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Alvarado Neighbors: 400 A

The first apartment to visit is 400 A, with its side to Alvarado Street and its back to Maryland. The residents were a broker named William B. Lawrence and his wife, Adeline and their 17 year old son, Thomas. The Lawrence family had moved from 6th & Bixel to Alvarado Court to the home vacated by the Jessurun family when they moved down the court to 406 B.

William and Adeline told a story to the LA Examiner after the murder. The family was downstairs during the evening of the murder until about 8:30pm when Adeline went upstairs to the bedroom. William heard a short conversation coming from outside which including a woman laughing, a man saying goodbye, and a car driving away. Adeline also said that several days prior to the murder, a man came to their home inquiring for Taylor. William said the man looked enough like Taylor to be his twin.
as published in LA Examiner on 4 Feb 1922:
(JK) Lawrence:
"There are so many automobiles passing here all of the time and their
back-fire explosions are so similar to a pistol shot that we have gotten so
we pay no attention to them whatever. I have no recollection of hearing
anything that sounded like a shot at any particular time during the evening
in which the shooting occurred, but I might have heard a dozen such sounds without feeling the slightest alarm. I think every occupant of the court should try to recollect anything he or she saw which might in any way throw light on the event."

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